So what is the Ark Passport?

Jul 29th, 2015


The Ark Passport for Housing Providers

Because Everyone Matters!

o   Are you a Housing Provider looking for a brand new solution to help tenants to find new homes?
o   Are you a housing provider looking for solutions to protect your rent roll?
o   Are you looking for innovative ways to attract Landlords in the Private rented sector to house your tenants?

The Ark passport is the solution!

A totally unique one stop shop consisting of three elements;

  1. A Referencing Product for low-income tenants who are in receipt of any type of benefits.
  2. A tenant friendly, Managed Account with a national clearing bank.

Contact us to register for free as a Housing Provider to access the Ark Passport.


The Ark Passport is the key to a better home.

The total Launch offer is only £195.00

(If sharing a property the second tenant only needs £100 Reference)

*Note – Change Account required per user – small fees apply, joint accounts available.
(Change account fees may be covered with cashback benefits depending on usage)
** Renewal rates reduced


Not all applicants may pass referencing procedure to be eligible for insurance/passport. Referencing fee non-refundable.

No claim discounts applied for following years.