How can the Ark help a Landlord or Agent with Benefit Tenants?


Q: Firstly, what is the ARK?

A: The Ark is an online tool that helps tenants offer a landlord more security when taking a tenant who is either fully or partially depend on state benefit payments. The Ark is designed to help tenants who have had previous problems and wish to start again and who may have accumulated small CCJ’s the opportunity to get a home with an ark passport.

Q: How does the Ark Benefit a Landlord?

A: There are many landlords who have taken benefit assisted tenants in the past and who now due to benefit cuts and legislation changes will no longer provide housing for benefit assisted tenants. One of the main reasons for their change of heart is that landlords and agents are frequently caught up in the mind boggling politics of stopped and/or cancelled claims etc, and that is where the Ark can help landlords. The Ark is a process for landlords to advertise their property free plus get comprehensive referencing, manage and insure a tenant to confirm affordability of benefits, stability in payments of a benefit via a locked bank account, Council help and education on how to be a tenant and then a specialist insurance cover to protect a landlord against losses. The Ark is the most comprehensive process of determining a tenant’s acceptability and affordability to rent a property from a landlord. However, in life nothing is certain and therefore although every measure is taken to make sure the tenant will meet their tenancy agreement inevitably some will fail and that is why the Ark offers a landlord an insurance cover that will oversee the rent payments and legal costs to evict the tenant should the tenant fail. The Ark Passport offers landlords and letting agents unparalleled security when taking a benefit assisted tenant.

Q: How does the Ark work?

A: The Ark works by helping tenants supported by benefits to get a new home.

  • A Landlord or Letting Agent advertise a property to rent on the My Ark Home A tenant or local authority can then see the property and if suitable for the tenant make an application to view the property via an email link to the Landlord/Agent. Arrangements can then be made between theLlandlord/Agent for the applicant to view a property at a convenient time.


  • If the viewing is successful and both parties agree to let the property, the applicant and, or their representative can then make an ark application for the property at The Ark


  • Once this form is completed and submitted to the Ark Passport, Tenant Referencing UK will be notified and start the full referencing procedure on an applicant tenant. The referencing will take into account all forms necessary and include financial reports, rent affordability and previous tenants statuses. The referencing will also undertake id and the right to rent checks.


  • On the completion of referencing and the opening of an Ark change account, the tenant will be issued with an ark passport. The Ark passport will allow the tenant to confirm to the landlord that they have passed the Ark application to be able to take up their new home with the landlord.


  • Once the tenant has been accepted and a move in date between landlord and tenant agreed the Ark passport will issue the landlord with a Rent guarantee and legal expenses insurance policy to cover the rent and legal expenses in the event the tenant fails to meet their AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancy) commitments.


  • On the agreed date the tenant can now take up residence in their new home.