The ARK Change Account

Jul 29th, 2015

In order to receive your final Ark Passport Certificate you will need to open an ARK Change Account.

The Ark supports tenants with help and advice on how to manage their money in payment wallets.

The ARK Change Account payment wallets are a unique banking tool that allows tenants  to separate and prioritise rent and other important payments which keep them secure in the future. This additional payment security in turn offers ongoing security and confidence to a landlord or letting agent so as to offer a tenant a home.


With the ability of paying your housing payments directly to the landlord becoming less likely with Universal Credit, the Change Account allows you to put your rental payments aside and pay the landlord just like you were paying direct.

The Change account has the added bonus of offering cashback at many stores for simply doing your weekly shopping and using your Change Account debit card. Based on a family of 5 you may receive up to £600 per year depending where you shop.* See some of the retailers here:

Like other banks there may be charges for certain processes. It is free to use your debit card in storeThere is a tiny monthly fee for your account as well to run and manage your rent payment wallet, full details of any charges can be found here:

Once your account has been set up you can set your income to be paid into this account and assign it to a special “wallet” this wallet acts like a direct debit to your landlord and helps to make sure there is always enough money put aside to meet the rent. what-is-the-ark

For more details click here: What is The ARK Change Account?

*cashback figures based on average spending of £150-200 per week at partner stores.